Patch & Pond

San Diego Met's Aquaponic Garden

Nourishing our neighbors with localized, sustainably grown produce. Based in Clairemont Mesa, our main priority is supplying our surrounding communities.

We started with a mess. COVID and changes in staff left our aquaponics garden in a state of disrepair. The current biology teacher didn't even know that she had access to it. One day, the college we have space on asked us to give it up. We were baffled. Give up something we didn't even know we had? Hold on just a sec. So the biology teacher (Tabby), the business teacher (Gini) and the avid gardener/Humanities teacher (Veronica) started talking. We collectively knew people who were interested in helping. Veronica knew an aquaponics expert who was down to start a garden that would help feed our neighbors. That's when we met Joel. Students are pitching in and we are underway!