Our ambitions were grand at the outset, yet we found ourselves navigating unforeseen challenges. The upheavals brought about by COVID and staff transitions left our once-thriving aquaponics garden in a state of fidarray. It was a daunting situation, but that's where our dedicated team at the San Diego Met High School, nestled in the heart of Clairmont Mesa, stepped in. 

Enter Tabby, our passionate biology teacher; Gini, the visionary business teacher; and Veronica, an avid gardener and humanities teacher. Together, they orchestrated a collaborative effort to revive our garden. In her network, Veronica knew of an aquaponics expert eager to join forces and cultivate a garden that would flourish and contribute to nourishing our community. 

With the students actively involved, they embraced the change, creating our inaugural product using organic materials harvested right from the garden. Today, as we continue to nurture fresh produce, we are thrilled to unveil our first create - Patch & Pond Lemongrass Hand Soap! Crafted from organically grown materials, it embodies our commitment to sustainability and the spirit of community growth. Join us on this exciting journey as we cultivate more than just a garden - we sow the seeds of a vibrant and sustainable future at the San Diego Met High School!